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Our Students Benefit From:

  • Small class sizes – 8 students  maximum assigned to a teacher  per day.
  • Individual attention – every  student gets 1:1 time with their  teacher regarding their coursework  and progress towards graduation.
  • Pace of work – every student is  assigned work they can complete  on their own.
  • Option for credit recovery.
  • Access to daily counseling and  support.


About Wilson High School

Welcome to Wilson High School. We are  very proud of our school and grateful that  the Santa Clara Unified School District  continues to support an alternative school  setting for students in this district. Wilson is  a fully accredited high school by the  Western Association of Schools and  Colleges and has received the highest  accreditation since its establishment.

Wilson High School helps students pursue  their educational goals through the  independent study method of delivery, yet  within the framework of the Santa Clara  Unified School District. The nature of the  independent study program provides  students the opportunity to work closely  with teachers to create individualized plans  to complete graduation requirements and  prepare for college or a vocational  opportunity.

Students need to be motivated to complete  assignments at home and parents need to  take an active role in the education  process. Students and parents learn quickly  that Wilson provides a small, nurturing  environment where students feel safe,  secure, and valued. The teachers,  counselors, and staff at Wilson spend  quality time with each student while  providing an education path toward  graduation and post high school

How Wilson High is Structured

  • Students attend class 1-2 days/week  with 30 hours per week assigned to  do outside of school.
  • Students are assigned to a primary  teacher who manages their progress  and meets with them weekly.
  • Additional academic support is  provided through subject specific labs  during the week.
  • “Wolverine Fridays” offer all students  additional credits and support  through career workshops, guest  speakers, clubs, groups, and labs.
  • Students may attend college classes,Silicon Valley Career Technical  Education (SVCTE), Regional  Occupational Program (ROP/Retail  Sales), and High Tech Academy while  they complete their high school  diploma.
  • Students may return to the  comprehensive high school when  credit ready.
  • Young parents (male and female) and  pregnant teens are welcome through  our Young Parent Center (YPC) Program.
  • 1 principal, 1 full-time counselor, 1 part-time counselor, 4 office staff, 1 therapist, 1 wellness coordinator, 8  teachers, and 3 YPC staff.



Wilson High School's unique structure provides two programs specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the students:

  • The Minors Program
  • The Young Parent's Center (YPC)