Spanish Projects

Projects for Spanish 1A and Spanish 1B

Suggested projects:

A report on a Spanish speaking country presented as either a written newsletter or as a power point project.

A report on a holiday in a Spanish speaking country that focuses on customs which are unique to that country.  This may be either a written report or a power point presentation.

Read a translation of one story or two poems by a Spanish speaking author, and answer questions in writing.  There are several options in Glencoe World Literature, the purple book.

Research a famous Hispanic and do a biography as a written report, an oral presentation or a power point project.

Click here for a list of acceptable individuals. 

Here is an outline of a famous Hispanic in PowerPoint.

Research a historical event in Latin America and write a report or produce a power point project.

Attend and write a review of a Spanish speaking event.

Visit a Spanish speaking country and return with a written travelogue of your experiences.

Prepare and present a traditional Spanish/Latin American dish.  The recipe needs to be written out, and the source of the recipe cited.

These projects will be graded according to the following rubric:



Good (3)

Average (2)

Poor (1)

Is the required information included?




Is there proper usage of grammar and spelling?




Is the work nicely presented? (Pictures/Graphics)




Are sources correctly cited?




Is it turned in during the same semester?

Yes (3)


No (0)

Maximum of 15 points





The recipe must be clearly written out (use Foods Worksheet) with amounts of each ingredient listed. The source must be cited; it’s okay to say it is a family recipe, but the cook who gave it to you needs to be mentioned.

Sample for the teacher needs to be nicely presented on a plate or appropriate container, and attention paid to food safety.



Visiting family or friends in a Spanish speaking country over the holidays?  Write about your experiences communicating with the locals, shopping and other activities.  What were some cultural differences that you noticed?  What foods did you especially enjoy?  Did you participate in activities that you wouldn’t have in the U.S?  Your travelogue should be a minimum of 2 written or typed pages, not including photos.

Spanish Literature in Translation

These will be graded according to the understanding demonstrated by the answers to the questions. Glencoe World Literature (the purple book used for English II) has several stories by Spanish writers.  Read the story, and answer the questions that are in the “Responding to Literature” following the selection.


The Luck of Teodoro Mendez Acubal by Rosario Castellanos  p1093

The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World by Gabriel Garcia Marquez p1135

Bishop Berkeley or Mariana of the Universe by Liliana Heker,  p1157


OR read two of the following poems and answer the questions that follow the selection.

Discoveries by Eduardo Langagne  p1068

Sonnet 145 by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz   p1075

Two Countries by Jose Marti  p1080

Horses by Pablo Neruda  p1107

The Guitar by Frederico Garcia Lorca  p991


Choose a famous Hispanic person from Mr. Pacheco’s list and write a two or three page biography or do an eight+ slide Power Point show. Mr. Pacheco has a famous person assignment that you can use as a guide.


Research an important event in Latin America history, such as a battle for independence and write a two or three page report or eight+ Power Point presentation.  In your report cover the who, what, where, when and the results of this moment in history.


Research a holiday in a Spanish speaking country and present your findings in a 8+slide power point presentation.  Your report should include a number of photos, and cover the who, what, where, when, why and how this holiday is celebrated.